Homer's Travels: An Idle "J" Will Fork You Over

Monday, June 09, 2008

An Idle "J" Will Fork You Over

We woke up this morning to a Yard full of forks.

Last Saturday we went to Olvera Street and Chinatown with the "J". (I may post about that trip one of these days.) After returning home, we raided our pantry and gave her all the extra food, napkins, and PLASTIC FORKS so she could use or donate them. Little did we know they would be used against us.

Our entire front yard was covered in forks, about one every square foot or so. She left a sign saying "You were Forked! Ha Ha!" We suspect that she was aided by another friend, the "M".

That "J", what'cha goin' to do with her?!?


  1. *chortle*

    The people you hang with are weird. I like that, as I happen to be one of them... :)

  2. Way to go "J". hehehe

  3. GH: The Wife and I always joke how we attract the weird ones. This explains how the Wife and I met :-)

    JaG: I would agree whole-heartedly

    MoH: It was funny. The forks we gave her weren't enough. She went out and bought 350 more forks. She so silly!