Homer's Travels: Big Screen Ecstacy

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big Screen Ecstacy

On Tuesday our new 46" 1080p LCD HDTV was delivered. HDTV is right up there with crack and ecstasy. We are both in heaven. That is if heaven is non-stop, mind numbing, gray matter killing reality TV and CNN election coverage. This might explain why I haven't posted much lately. We are still drooling over the crystal clear picture. Of course,no matter how big the Television, the programming is still crap. Then again, watching losers bounce off the big balls of Wipeout was much more bounce-irific on the big screen. I do wish the Sci-Fi channel would broadcast in HD - Battlestar Galactic would be awesome - but I will just have to be happy with the Discovery and National Geographic channels.

Later today the rest of our new furniture that we picked out last Saturday will be delivered. We bought a china cabinet, two nightstands, four new cairs for our dinner table, and a desk for our computer. The desk will have to be assembled so I expect I know what I'll be doing later today.


  1. No, really, see this face? Not jealous at all. Nope, not a bit. Really. Totally. Trust me.

    Better watch out, though: all that HDTV is having an effect on your spelling skills... ;)

  2. GH: Heh. Hard to spell when my brain cells are dieing. I even have spell check ... what do those little red underlines mean?

    JaG: It is. The Wife can't wait until college football season.

  3. Comcast has HD SciFi here in MN - this season's BSG was high def. And awesome. Don't tell The Wife you got the TV to see #6 in HD.

    Now, buy the Netflix box, the most TVriffic invention since radios got picture tubes.

  4. BM: Gee, I thought Comcast was supposed to be evil, Maybe I'm mistaken.

    I am jealous. Very Jealous. Turning Green with envy. #6?? Who or what would be #6 ;-)

    I'm hearing good things about the netflix box. Will have to investigate.