Homer's Travels: Internet Travails And Other Minutia

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Internet Travails And Other Minutia

On Monday I returned our DVR. As I returned it, I specifically asked that the Internet not be disconnected until Wednesday. Later that night I tried to post and found that ... I had no Internet connection. Those Bastards!! I figured this wouldn't be an issue as I would have Wi-Fi at my hotel.

Monday night was weird. The house was completely empty. I walked in and said hello and heard "hello ... hello ... hello." A kind of haunting echo. All we had was an inflatable mattress and two sleeping bags. We were so bored that we went to bed at 8:00 pm.

On Tuesday, after taking Homer to the dog park to play with his friends, I checked into our hotel and paid my $2.99 for Wi-fi access. I flipped open my laptop and ... failed to connect. I called the 800 number on the access card and talked to someone who was not helpful. She said she would raise the issue to the next level. I then called the office who was even less helpful. They said, call the 800 number. So after putzing around for a couple hours, I called the 800 number again and got someone who at least sounded like he knew something. After asking some very intelligent questions he said he thought the server or the access point at the motel needed to be reset and he would make some calls and hopefully everything would be up in an hour or two. Well, it never came up and I decided to ask the office for a refund of the Internet fee. They refunded it with little argument. I expect it must happen often.

On Wednesday I took Homer to the veterinarian for his shots followed by a trip to the Fur Stylist for his spa treatment (bath and a nail clipping). There was a gap of time between the vet and the spa so we went down to Hueneme Beach and walked around a little. I got back in the car and fired up the laptop and found an unprotected Internet connection. Careless of them. I jumped on long enough to download e-mail and to check some stuff. I feel a little guilty since you could consider that stealing but ... if you leave your door open, people will look in. I was on-line for no more then 10 minutes so I doubt they noticed.

The past three days have been really weird. It's hard to describe. I feel like I'm in purgatory. I'm limited in what I can do since Homer is with me all of the time. I think the main feeling in anxiousness to get moving. I can't wait to hit the road on Friday. Until then, wait ... wait ... wait.

Update: I decided to see if I could get on at the motel again. This time it connected. It turns out the access code I turned in for the refund still works. Go figure.


  1. Ah, but at least you know that good things await you on the other side of said purgatory...