Homer's Travels: Good Bye Rifle ... Hello Columbus

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good Bye Rifle ... Hello Columbus

On Sunday we got up early and left Rifle. The next leg was going to be a long 10 hours and would end with us staying at the Loon Whisper's place.

The drive though Colorado is beautiful until your reach Denver. After Denver the terrain flattens out and segues smoothly into the flat, straight that is Nebraska. I was tired as I haven't been sleeping well lately.

The drive took us past Silt,CO, No Name, CO and Worm, NE. The restaurant of the day was the Smilin' Moose Cafe.

We made it to the Loon Whisper's home and we introduced Homer to Spud and her sisters, the spudettes. They were a little unsure of him so he explored the backyard until the kids went to bed.

The Vet, the Loon Whisperer's husband, gave us a welcoming gift of a DVD: "Beef Reproduction Module #1: How to Get Cows Pregnant". I'm sure, since this is module #1, it will probably end with a cliffhanger. Can't wait to check it out once we buy our big screen TV.

We will spend our first night in Nebraska at the Loon Whisper's home.

Tomorrow, Homer will stay with the spud and spudettes while the Wife and I continue on to Omaha to walk through our new house and sign the final closing papers to make it our own.


  1. *sigh* You're starting to make me wanna take a cross-country trip.

    Okay, the whole thing about the DVD had me snickering pretty loudly out here. I definitely think it should be the honorary first DVD on the new TV! LOL

  2. I'm thinking that DVD might be pretty scary all blown up on the new TV...

  3. GH: We have a guest room and it's almost put together :-) Come on by.

    We got a laugh about the DVD as well. Those people are kooks!

    JaG: I'll let you know if we're ever brave enough to watch it.