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Monday, June 02, 2008

As The Homer Moves

Time for another chapter of As The Homer Moves. Since my last post we have been going through all our stuff and filling up a dumpster. By Saturday evening the dumpster, a large four cubic yard jobby, was filled to the brim. We have about another half of a dumpster to go I'm guessing. They'll come to dump it tomorrow.

The Wife did yard work for the last time in California. As she did this I emptied out my computer desk. Emptied it so well that I killed my shredder. When it comes to paper I am a major pack rat. The desk alone was about three or four bags of shred. Today I was taking stuff down from our storage loft in the garage and came across more paper (I'm guessing four or five bags of shred worth!). So off to Office Depot I went and bought a new shredder. This time I got an 18 page capacity one that was on clearance for half price. It's doing a pretty good job so far.

I make a pledge that I will no longer be a paper pack rat. To satisfy my need to keep things, I plan to scan stuff as it arrives and then immediately shred the physical evidence. Cross my heart. Really! I'll even promise to oil the shredder regularly. On an aside, I had some oil that I could have used to oil the shredder but it went to the hazardous waste disposal site with all our other stuff. D'oh! Now I'll have to buy some more. Damn my poorly planned efficiency!

On Sunday we got rid of the dining room set so our final haul from the moving sale was $1,518.00 A satisfying number. The only thing we have to get rid off, besides garbage, is the donation stuff. I call Salvation Army to request a pickup on Friday and they never showed. I went online to check and the site said the pickup was completed and even included a receipt. Someone's being a fibber. Naughty Naughty. I guess to get things done right you have to do it yourself. I plan to take all the boxes of donations to the donation center tomorrow. The desk we were going to donate will be torn down and put in the dumpster once they empty it. I'm not feeling too bad about that since it's in marginal shape as is.

Things are progressing but, as usual, they never seem to progress fast enough. On one hand I need the time to get ready for the packers coming on Saturday. On the other, I want it all to be done. *sigh*


  1. "Damn my poorly planned efficiency"? *snicker* Efficiency should always be well planned, don'tcha think?

    I kid, I kid. I think Staples makes some lubrication sheets you may want to look into. Way easier than using oil....

  2. GH: Yep, Piss Poor Planning always trumps efficiency.

    I bought some lubrication sheets yesterday.

    By the way, the Wife is concerned about two grown men talking about lubrication sheets.

  3. Such an interesting subject, lubrication sheets, mmh. I never would have thought of that.:)

    Anyway, what would a life be, without unforseen consequences?

  4. Gany: Life would be simpler ... and boring.

  5. Lubrication sheets? I've never heard of such a thing.

    I should get some as my shredder gets quite the workout.

  6. JaG: I bought some at Office Depot. I'd never heard of them either until I got one with my new shredder and GH suggested them. About a dollar a sheet. They suggest using it at least once a month. Makes lubricating your shredder really easy.