Homer's Travels: Thunderstorms And Homer

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thunderstorms And Homer

One of the things that the Wife and I missed in California was the weather. Since we moved into our new house a week ago we've experienced about 4 evenings of Thunderstorms. I'd forgotten what it feels like to see the lightning and hear the accompanying thunder. I would even venture to guess that the first evening of thunderstorms had more thunder than all of my 20 years in California. Actually, it's rained more here in the last week than it rain all of last year in Oxnard. What a difference. I really enjoy it. I'm sure if I had to go out in it I would think differently but in a cozy home there is such a comfortable, hunkering down feeling.

That morning I'd gone out an bought a weather radio - A necessity in the mid-west. For those who do not experience weather, a weather radio turns on automatically when there is a weather warning in your area. It went off several times that first night as several severe thunderstorms rumbles through our are.

While all the weather excitement is great for me, Homer doesn't quite appreciate it as much. When it thunders he gets really clingy and stays close to us. To his credit he remains relatively calm and isn't whiny or barky at all. The first night of thunderstorms he went down to the basement and laid down in the laundry room (It appears that Homer is ready for Tornadoes). Since the first storm he doesn't go in the basement as much but stays close and kind of cowers looking for comport. He shows his nervousness by panting and heavy breathing. Today we've had thunderstorms most of the day and he seems to be relaxing a bit - a teensy weensy bit. I expect he will eventually get used to it. Hopefully it will be soon.


  1. I love a good thunderstorm.

    Our dogs never got over the shock of storms but they were never regular around her.

    Homer sounds like a tough guy. :)

  2. I know how you feel, I miss weather sometimes myself.

    But, say, could you send some of that rain out here. We've got the lightening up the wazoo, with fires the result, but a little rain from all that thunder would be very helpful right now...

    Hope Homer's fear of storms abates soon. He's a California Dog at heart, I guess... ;)

  3. JaG: They are nice. Homer is not a tough guy. He's pretty much a big weenie. But, instead of running around in a panic, he gets all huggy and clingy.

    GH: If I could, I would. We've had over 10.5 inches in June alone (1.3 inches yesterday).