Homer's Travels: July 2024

Monday, July 15, 2024

Weekly Ephemera #105

I totally forgot about my weekly post this weekend.  I have to say that my brain has become a quagmire lately and I'm lucky if the right things bubble up at the right time for me to function.  It didn't help that the news exploded on Saturday.  Here is what happened last week:

  • Last Monday a roofer stopped by to evaluate the hail damage.  Despite having hail resistant shingles, our roof had significant damage.  I filed a claim with our homeowner's insurance and an insurance adjuster will be here this week to inspect the damage.
  • Thursday was our twenty-seventh wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by visiting an elder care attorney, setting up durable power of attorney for my Mom, and eating delicious burgers at Stella's Bar and Grill.  The elder care attorney is putting together options for how we can fund the services Mom needs to be happy and safe.  The follow up of this meeting is scheduled for next Monday.

    One benefit of all this is, when Mom's situation is all settled, we will know what we need to do to prepare for our future care.
  • I walked three times this week for a total of 19 miles (30.6 km).  I was going to walk today (Monday) but it felt like 88℉ (31℃) at the time I normally would have started and it was just heading up from there.  The humidity is a bit stifling to say the least.  Fortunately temperatures are supposed to moderate after today.
  • We caught up to the current episode of "Alone".  We are still catching up with "Alone: Australia" and discovered today that there is an "Alone: UK".   We should be totally caught up this week.
  • At the end of this week the Wife and I are going to Minneapolis to celebrate birthdays.  I think I need the break from reality.  Next week's Ephemera post will likely be late as well.

Sunday, July 07, 2024

Weekly Ephemera #104

  • A week ago I got a call from the rehab center my Mom is at.  She had gotten out of bed and fallen.  They said she was not physically injured.  On Monday morning I received another call.  Mom had a large knot on her head and she was incoherent so they sent her to the hospital.  (The incoherence was probably a bad side effect of a muscle relaxer she'd been given for severe shoulder muscle cramping she was experiencing.)  When I got to the hospital she'd had a CT scan which showed her head to be fine but ... she had a bad fracture on her right hip.  *sigh*

    She was transported to another hospital where, on Tuesday afternoon, she had her hip fixed.  From Sunday afternoon, when she was on the muscle relaxer, to Tuesday after her surgery, when she was on fentanyl, Mom was pretty much hallucinating.  She has no memory of the fall and only a little of the surgery.  By Wednesday she was off all the hardcore drugs and her lucidity returned.

    After spending the fourth of July in the hospital, she returned to the rehab center on Friday.  She is now in a private room (she had been in a double room) not far from the nurses station.  She restarts physical therapy (PT) this week with modifications due to her hip repair.  The PT evaluation this weekend was pretty good.  I expected a broken hip would take more time to heal but she has few restrictions.
  • We sat out on our deck and watched a half hour of the fireworks on Independence Day.  You could smell the smoke in the air.  I just hope this isn't the last true Independence Day celebration.  I hope yours was fun and safe.
  • I didn't walk this week due to all the things.  I will restart this week.
  • We are still watching "Alone".  We should be caught up to the present this week.  I finally caught up with my Marvel stuff and finished "What If...?" season 2.  I liked it.
  • I am tired.