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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Quests Of Homer:The Chaser Of Bunnies

It's been a busy couple of days and we are far from being finished. I'm guessing we have a month or two before we are completely settled into our new home. Here is an mish-mash of what has happened in the last couple days.

On Tuesday the sellers were supposed to be out by 1:00 PM. We showed up at 11:15 AM and chatted briefly with their movers (The sellers had already left town - their movers were unsupervised). The movers said that they had about an hour of work left. This would work as our movers would not be showing up until 1:00 PM. We went to have lunch (Old Chicago - good chain restaurant food) and came back around 12:30 PM. The movers were gone so we went into the house. What a mess! There was junk in the basement. The chest freezer that was supposed to stay was gone. The place was filthy. There was about an inch of dust and a a herd of dust bunnies were hoping around the master bedroom wood floor. We just walked around the house cursing out the sellers. Probably the grossest thing were the whisker clippings in the bathroom drawers. The Wife made some frantic calls to our Realtor and the seller's Realtor while I went to the nearby Wal-Mart to by a swiffer to battle the dust bunnies with. The Realtors are going to get us compensated for the mess.

Our movers showed up on time. Shortly after their arrival, the seller's movers returned. What?!? Anyway we got the seller's movers to get the stuff out of the basement while our movers moved stuff into the upstairs (Our house is a ranch style house with a walk in basement). I decided to leave all the chaos to the Wife and my Mom, who was helping (Thanks Mom!), and drove back out to Columbus to pick up Homer.

Homer had been a good boy with the Loon Whisperer and her brood. She had gotten sick the day we left and the Vet was getting sick when I got there. Fortunately Homer is an easy, low maintenance dog.

When I got back, the movers were gone and everything was in the house. We'd put all the boxes in the basement and most of the furniture upstairs. This way we can bring one box up at a time to put stuff way and the living space can stay clutter-free. We ended up, so far, with only a couple broke things. Of course they broke the most irreplaceable thing. When moving in our piano, which happens to be about 104 years old, they dropped it and busted off two of the casters on the bottom. It will be interesting to see how they fix that for us. They also lost a bed frame caster and two casters off the wet/dry vacuum. Apparently the movers had a thing for casters.

Then came the first emergency. We haven't bought our big screen TV yet and we are relying on a cheap-a$$ 20" piece of crap for our TV viewing. You can't do anything with this TV without it's remote control and the remote control was packed. To make things worse, the NBA finals game was starting in three hours. So, for the next three hours, I cut open boxes, shifted stuff around, unwrapped packing paper, lifted boxes, sweated like a big dog, and searched until, in the last box, I found the remote. I found it 15 minutes before tip off. The Wife was very grateful. Yay for me!

Yesterday the Wife tackled the old kitchen cabinet liner paper (She had to use a razor blade to scrape it all off) while I set up the Internet (my connection is about 50% faster than my old Time Warner connection). I then started unloading some of my clothes and doing laundry. The Wife said she would be mowing the lawn soon so I decided to plug in our cordless mower to get it all charged up. If only I could find the charger. It took me another two - three hours of more box opening, moving, lifting, sweating (like a big dog), and searching before I found it in the least likely box. I tell you, these quests for small items suck! The basement is now a maze of boxes, a few only half full. In other words, a mess.

On a lighter note, Homer encountered his first Nebraska rabbit. I spotted a rabbit in our backyard. It was in an area that had been a garden once munching on some weeds. I told the Wife and she decided it was time for the Homer to go Pee Pee. Homer got in the yard and the bunny froze. I watched it from our deck. Homer trotted around oblivious while the bunny hunched down like a statue. Then Homer got a little to close for the rabbit and it bolted. Homer ran after it but the bunny got away. This morning he had a second run in with another rabbit but it too got away.

We ended the day with some Dairy Queen ice cream. Today, we will try to do what we couldn't finish yesterday: unpack the kitchen and our clothes.


  1. People can be such rude little piggy's can't they?

    Congrats on being home.

  2. Do you have a new E-mail address?

  3. I have never understood why people feel, it seems, that it's perfectly fine to leave a mess for someone else to clean up. Not cool at all.

    Glad that you're finally home, though! And that Homer will have plenty of entertainment in the new backyard. :)

  4. JaG: Yes they can be. Thanks!

    Mom: No. Our e-mail address will not change because of our move.

    GH: Definitely not cool. We are going to try to get some financial compensation from the sellers.


  5. Yay, you are back online!

    Welcome to your new home, even though it sucks right now!

    I don't understand why people cannot be more considerate while moving out! I'm sure if the sellers were to arrive to a mess at their new place, they would be pretty upset.

    I miss the Nebraska bunnies. The dog we had there, loved to chase them. Between the bunnies and the squirrels, I'm sure Homer will be getting alot of exercise. Just watch the bluejays, they like to dive bomb, especially when our dog got ahold of one of the bluejay babies.

  6. Congratulations on your new home! The family is so happy you are back in the midwest. We are now all on the same time zone. Cool!

  7. It's weird (but awesome) to think that you are now so close to us up here in Minnesota. I'll be coming down to visit in August - exact date TBD.

  8. Dobegil: Thank you. We haven't seen any bluejays yet but I am aware of their dive bombing tendencies.

    MoH: It is cool! The time zone thing sure makes it easier to talk on the phone. We are very happy to be back.

    MH: We can't wait. You, however, will not be the first family member visiting. To our surprise, the Wife's Brother (Ti) visited last night.