Homer's Travels: Homeless No More

Monday, June 16, 2008

Homeless No More

We are officially Nebraska homeowners. We drove into Omaha to do our walk through and sign our papers.

When we reached the house it was still occupied. We started the walk through and we were startled to find the house full of stuff. We're supposed to move in tomorrow and the current - ex - owners stuff was still not moved. On top of that the place was dirty. We went to the realtor's office and asked about it. Turns out they were told to vacate by 1:00 PM on Tuesday. We assumed we would own it at 12:01 AM. We made a call to our movers who were scheduled to deliver all our stuff at 8:30 AM, and rescheduled the delivery to 1:00 PM. We were lucky we could reschedule so late in the game.

While I was looking for the movers number, the Wife talked to the Realtor about getting the house cleaned. He assured us it would be clean by 1:00 PM.

Tonight we stay at Moms and tomorrow we move in officially. Can't wait to be in our own bed again.


  1. ROCK ON! That place better be spotless by tomorrow, or I say sick Homer on the realtor. :)

  2. So is this the house you guys originally loved or a different one? I can't keep up!

  3. Woohoo!!! So glad you have a house. I hope the present occupants have vacated!

    Scary, I used to be a residential and commercial escrow officer in Lincoln. All I can say is I am glad I retired from that line of work.

  4. GH: It wasn't. Dang it. We're still cleaning it.

    JaG: You need to start to take notes :-). Yep. This is the same one we loved so much. We still love it.

    Dobegil: Thanks! We had two sets of movers in the house at the same time.