Homer's Travels: Boxing Day

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Boxing Day

The packers showed up today and the time just flew by as we sat on the couch and watched boxes being loaded up. We both thought it would be boring and slow but time flew. They were nice enough to leave the TV out so the Wife could watch the NBA Finals though they did pack the remote control.

We'd packed the car with all the stuff that was not going to be packed by the movers. The Wife's car is full of our china and other valuable/sentimental breakable. My car would carry the computer (my valuable/sentimental stuff :-) along with Homer's stuff. (I was going to pack the computer after the packer had gone for the day.) He'll be riding with me.

Here is a lesson that I should have anticipated. The packers are very aggressive. They pack everything that's not nailed down. I'd told them not to pack the computer, which they left alone. I'd set aside some foam rubber to use to pack my computer. After the packers left for the day I went upstairs to pack the computer and ... the foam pad was gone. I suspect they packed it and I'm sure I will find it in Omaha. D'OH! I had to go dumpster diving for the remains of a rug mat the Wife had used to pack some pictures. It wasn't quite enough so I used a blanket and a sweatshirt jacket that we had in our car trunks to finish the packing. I just hope it all survives the week riding in the trunk of my car.

The packers return tomorrow to finish packing and loading the boxes and furniture on the truck. Tomorrow night is going to be very ... boring and uncomfortable. We bought an inflatable bed and have sleeping bags but nothing to sit on and no TV. I'll still have internet for my laptop. I'll be packing that stuff up tomorrow night. I hope to keep posting as long as I have internet in the hotels.

Tuesday through Thursday we are in a hotel in Ventura. Friday we drive to Las Vegas. Saturday we drive to Rifle,Colorado where we will visit one of the Wife's aunts, and Sunday we will be staying with the Loon Whisperer, the Vet, Spud, and the spudettes. Monday we do our final walk through and sign our closing papers. Tuesday we get the keys and our stuff is delivered. The only thing left after that are all the little details like unpacking, utilities, and rearranging furniture til it's just right. It's all down hill from here!


  1. Gotta watch out for those movers. Unless Homer is nailed down, they might just put some bubble wrap around him and put him on the truck!

  2. It took forever and now it feels as though it is all happening very fast.

    But you are almost there...yay!

  3. GH: HA! We managed to get out unwrapped.

    JaG: Ain't that the truth. Zip, zang, zowee!

  4. I should have warned you about the movers. For military moves they are notorious for packing garbage cans with the garbage in them, etc. We were always told to keep one closet with "do not open" and put everything in there...and tape the remotes to the TV and the bolts to the bedframe! Hope you make it to Rifle tonight and have a good dinner with my parents. No fast food there!

  5. Sarah: It took me three hours to find the remote yesterday so that the Wife could watch the NBA finals (Our small TV is an el-cheapo TV that requires the remote to do anything).

    Your parents were great and the food was wonderful.