Homer's Travels: Omaha And The Arts

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Omaha And The Arts

Omaha keeps surprising me. I've only been here for less than two weeks and my view of Omaha is changing. I always thought that California was more artsy and Nebraska was more crafty. Well, on Saturday I went to the Omaha Summer Arts Festival with Mom. About 5 blocks of street are blocked off and booths are set up. I was expecting a lot of crafts and stuff. Instead I found art. More art than what I used to see at the Ventura Street Festival. It was a pleasant surprise. There were artists from Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, and a few other surrounding states.
Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera. There were a few interesting characters with their painted cars. One van was painted with chalk board paint and people were writing all over it. Some of the booths were selling photographs. Makes me want to take some pictures of my own and see what I can sell. I'll have to look into so photography contests in the area.
After walking through the festival, buying some ice cream, and buying a cool,upside down flower pot, Mom and I walked around the old market area of downtown. The Old market is full of interesting shops ad restaurants and I'm sure I will spend a lot more time down in this area.
I guess this kind of stuff is why Kiplinger's named Omaha the #3 Best Cities to live in.


  1. I loved wandering around the old market area of downtown Omaha. They do have very interesting shops and the area if pretty fun. My sis and I would take my kids there on the weekend to wander the streets. It was a great way to spend a day away from Lincoln.

  2. No place is ever what you expect it to be. LA isn't (always) the vapid, culture-less place it's made out to be. Then again, where would we be without our convenient stereotypes?

  3. Dobegil: Mom and I had a great time. Next time you're in the area, we should meet up down there.

    GH: I do get hung up on stereotypes a lot. I need to let go of that and have a more open mind.