Homer's Travels: From Turds To Goth Chicks ... Mental Wanderings

Thursday, January 31, 2008

From Turds To Goth Chicks ... Mental Wanderings

So, last night the Wife was looking at my Trona Pinnacles pictures and what was her first reaction??? "They look like turds!" I was laughing at this point so the rest is more a paraphrase than a quote: "It's like some giant alien came down and took a dump in the high desert." She then said that it gives a whole new meaning to Taking Care Of Business. She then proceeded to sing Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "Taking Care Of Business" like some bad American Idol contestant.

Speaking of American Idol, if you are watching the show this year, you may have noticed that on Tuesday the auditions were in Omaha, NE. One of the idol wannabes was a goth female wrestler whose Nom-De-Guerre was Lady Morgue. Here is a link to her audition. The weird Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon moment is the fact that the Wife taught her when she was a freshman in Omaha.

I wonder how a nice catholic girl could grow up to be a goth wrestler chick with bad pipes. The Wife claims no credit for how she turned out. If I were her I wouldn't claim any credit either, Heh.


  1. The Wife is hilarious.

    But having watched the video, I am speechless...

  2. JaG: Fortunately, so do I.

    GH: That's one of the reasons I married her - her great sense of humor. You'd need one to put up with me :-)

    The video is a little scary, ain't it?