Homer's Travels: On Selling Things

Friday, February 01, 2008

On Selling Things

The Wife and I like to read. In preparation for our upcoming move I posted most of our books on Half.com. Recently we sold a book to the following address (I have changed the person's name):

First Last - F99029
PO Box 5004
Delano, CA 93216-5004

The address looked a little strange and I thought Delano was nearly a ghost town. The book was returned in the mail with a piece of paper stamped "Unauthorized Mail" taped to the envelope. I removed the paper and was surprised to find a form from the North Kern State Prison Mailroom that declared that the book was an Unauthorized Item. The form listed 45 possible violations. My envelope apparently violated two of the rules
  • Rule 9: No padded, bubble, or cushion envelopes
  • Rule 27: All books, magazines & Newspapers must come directly from a publisher/vendor.
This explained the weird address. I guess Prisoner F99029 won't get to read his book. What book did he try to buy? Malika Oufkir's "Stolen Lives: Twenty Years in a Desert Jail". Heh. I guess he doesn't get enough imprisonment from his everyday life. I was nice and provided a full refund to Prisoner F99029.

Speaking of selling, the sign went up on our house today. Wish us luck!


  1. JaG: He should have thought of that before he got himself into this predicament.

    Best Man: It's on our short list of things to buy. Haven't done it yet though.