Homer's Travels: The Loons!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Loons!

I had a pretty good hike today on the Zuma/Trancas Canyon Trail. I won't be posting about it right away as I have to get ready for a visit of a good friend of the Wifes (I like her too).

Her husband gave her the tickets out here as a Christmas present. The guy's almost as awesome as me. Heh. She needs a vacation as she's got a little one (the Spud) and two littler ones (Banana and Hooch) back home and she's a stay at home mom. By the way, the pseudonyms for the littler ones were picked by the Wife, not me. The Spud got hers from her parents.

I'll be picking her up tomorrow down in LAX. Her weekend will be filled with a trip to the spa with the Wife, lunch and shopping in downtown Ventura, breakfast at Mrs. Olsen's, and whale watching. In between these activities will be an uninterrupted dialog between her and the Wife.

Now, I haven't got her an official blog pseudonym for Homer's Travels yet. I thought about Spud's Mom but that leaves out the Banana and Hooch. The next choice would be the Caller Of The Loons (a long story that I don't know entirely but it has to do with "On Golden Pond"). That might be appropriate since she's calling on us. HA! I think I will just ask her her preference when I pick her up.

I will post about what's going on and I promise I will post about today's excellent hike sometime next week, if not sooner.


  1. Oh, to be able to hike in the middle of the week... *sigh*

    Have fun on the drive to LAX!

  2. GH: It does have its advantages. The trails are less crowded and you can adjust your hiking schedule for the weather. For now my hiking day is Thursday.

    As for the drive, I assume you are being sarcastic ;-). Driving to LAX is not my favorite roadtrip.

  3. Oh to be given a plane ticket...

  4. JaG: The Wife's best friend is married to a great guy. She really needed a weekend away from the little ones.