Homer's Travels: A Few Odds And Ends

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Few Odds And Ends

Just a quick post to let people know what we have been up to. Yesterday we had a realtor over to check out the house and to discuss putting it on the market. We called the guy who helped us buy the house originally 10 years ago - a real nice guy. We were pleasantly surprised about his opinion. He thought the house was in wonderful condition and that it had a nice homey feel. The Wife kept asking him what we needed to do the the house to get it ready to show and he kept saying that it was ready as is though he did agree that a little de-cluttering would help. This made us happy as we thought we may need to do some major changes in preparation. We are now thinking of putting it on the market at the end of the month.

Friday evening was at Santa Clara to watch a basketball game - the Saints won - Woo Hoo!

Today we went out to In-N-Out for lunch and did some shopping at Staples (Man, do I have an Office Supply fetish or what. Didn't buy anything though), Borders, and World Market. We then went to the Carnegie Art Museum in downtown Oxnard. It was a little ... underwhelming. The Wife and I aren't really connoisseurs of art but we thought we should go at least once. It took us maybe 10 to 15 minutes to walk through and we both agreed that that was enough - one more thing checked off our list.

Next we drove down to Heritage Square. Several houses from the early days of Oxnard have been moved to this square and returned to their original condition. There are tours of the different houses and wedding and other special events are held there. Underwhelming again. We decided not to take the tour and just walked around a little bit. Another thing checked off our list. I may have to come back with my camera later in the spring when the trees have leafed out and the gardens are in bloom.

That was enough for us so we went home and I got some reading done.

Tomorrow we make our second attempt at finding Mary, Our Lady Of the Rock, out in the Mojave Desert. This time we have directions thanks to a reader of Homer's Travels. The "J" and our friend the "C" will be joining us. While we will have our Polaroid camera, I think I'm more interested in taking pictures of the people than the Sun. Hopefully this time I won't damage the car.


  1. Good luck with the house sale. I think you're in a great market (I know many who talk of moving to the Oxnard Plain) so you should do well.

    I'll bet I've eaten at that In-N-Out too! LOL

  2. GH: I hope you're right. Houses seem to be moving very slowwwwwly around here.

    We ate at the In-N-Out near the 101 in Oxnard. You may have if you headed up north on the 101. There is one in Ventura near the beach so you may have been there instead - we've eaten there as well.