Homer's Travels: Bon Voyage Matey!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bon Voyage Matey!

Today the last connection with my old job was severed. I attended my going away party. The party had been delayed because of the holidays and work schedules, whatever those are :-). Unfortunately I forgot my camera - what was I thinking?!?

It was nice seeing all these people again. The strange thing is it felt like I hadn't seen any of these people for years despite it only being 20 days since I left. It actually had been a few years for some. I guess I have really blocked the old job out of my mind.

The party was held at Pirates Grub N Grog for me and two other guys who retired at the same time. We all received letters of appreciation from the Captain (A good friend of the family). The letter was long and discussed my 20 year career. I recognized that I had written most of the letter for my boss before I left.

After the letter I received a really nice plaque recognizing my contributions. It will find a nice wall to hang on in our new den in Omaha. I gave a little speech thanking everyone and letting everyone know what our plans for the future are. A few of the people got up and talked about the three of us. It was nice. My replacement is stressed out but handling my job nicely.

We ate some good grub including some delicious cake. I even mingled and talked to everyone. It was kind of fun. When they asked how I was doing I would just point at the "Life is good®" logo on my shirt and smile. A few commented on how happy I looked.

It was a good going away. I left with a cool plaque, a letter, a signed card, a signed picture of a NATO Seasparrow missile launching, a doggy bag full of chocolate and white cake, some gift cards, and a bunch of balloons (BALLOONS!!). My boss gave me the best gift of all - he called in sick and didn't show.


  1. I fear I'd just get a boot in the butt on the way out.

    That's the best about the boss! Hee! :)

  2. JaG: I have many choice words for the boss but I'm to nice to repeat them in a public blog.

  3. Okay, you're starting to make retirement sound waaaaaaaay too nice... ;)

  4. GH: It does have its advantages. Now to decide when I will get up tomorrow. I'm thinking late.

  5. Hey, another milestone behind you... What will be your next one? Well, the completion of your move I guess.

  6. gany: We have several milestones.

    - Sell The House
    - Wife gets a new job
    - Buy a new house
    - Move all our stuff

    A lot of these are going to be happening at the same time.