Homer's Travels: Entertaining The Loon Whisperer - Day 2 And Epilog

Monday, January 21, 2008

Entertaining The Loon Whisperer - Day 2 And Epilog

After staying up until 2:00 AM Sunday talking about old school mates (Two, count them Two School Year Books were involved), the Wife and the Loon Whisperer (LW) finally got to bed. Sunday morning everyone got up around 9:30 and we sent to Mrs. Olsen's for breakfast.

Mrs. Olsen's is this little place near the beach that serves great breakfasts. It was packed as usual so we ate ate the counter which wasn't so bas as the counter was fairly low and you sat in regular chairs instead of the usual bar stools. The Wife had Bangers and Mash. LW and I had some great pancakes, bacon, and eggs.

After breakfast and a brief stay at home we drove down to the Ventura Harbor to check out the stores before the whale watching.

Whale watching. What to say. That morning they saw four whales. The day before they saw three including one giving birth. Whale watching. Here are the kites flying over the whale watching place. Here is the sign for Island Packers, the whale watching organization. Here is the water spigot next to the ramp that took you down to the boat run by Island Packers. Here is the boat that takes you out to see the whales run by Island Packer. That is, when the head is working (For you landlubbers, the head is the toilet). Everyone stood around for an hour waiting for them to fix the toilet pump and ... it never got fixed. They canceled the trip. Darn. #@^&^#^$^%!@!!

We were totally bummed so we went and got some consolation ice cream before going to the Outlet Mall (The Spud, Naner, and Hooch are all getting cute outfits) and out to eat at the Olive Garden. Not quite as good as seeing the birthing of a whale but it came close ... sort'a ... well not really. Poop.

This morning we said our goodbyes on the way down to LAX. The house, as usual after someone leaves, feels very quiet and empty. I wish my mood had been better this weekend. I always get very argumentative when I'm moody and this weekend was no different. I ended up apologizing to LW before she left. I feel pretty sh*tty about it. She said she still had a good time despite me. I'm glad for that. I'll have to mike it up to her once we move back to Omaha.


  1. Meh, sometimes your mood is your mood and there's nothing to be done about it. LW didn't sound too fazed by it, but a nice dinner is certainly in order.

    Bummer about the IP boat breaking down. Did they fully refund you or just raincheck you for another trip?

  2. GH: Yeah, they refunded our money so there was no loss on our part but it will probably be the last time we go out.

    I owe the LW big time. This probably means I have to baby sit her three girls while she goes out with the Wife.

  3. They could have just got a bucket for the women and had the men go over the side...

    Ah moods. What can you do. At least it seems you were aware of it and instead of being a total Debbie Downer you just mad sure to take space when needed.

    Babysitting 3 girls? Ha! Good luck.

  4. JaG: That what I said - we could just hang our butts over the side and feed the fish. But nooooo! HA!

    I tried but it was hard to take space when you're in a car. Sigh.

    One will be 4-ish and the other two will be 2-ish. How hard could baby sitting three girls be? Gulp!

  5. Forgive me for using these initials but "LW" can't complain too much, she's got a brand new nickname:)

    Seriously, I agree with GH and JAG, there is not much you can do about your mood.

  6. Gany: You're right. She really liked the nickname too.

    It's true that we can not always pick our moods but we can choose how to deal with them. I did not deal with them very well.