Homer's Travels: A Geek And His To-Do List

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Geek And His To-Do List

It's been a few days since I resigned from my job and I am slowly settling into the position of House-Husband. I have always been a a little lazy when it came to work. At least I have been in my head. Other people say that I look like I am a dedicated hard working self-motivator. I am not sure if I was self-deluded or if I was just good at faking it. Anyway, since I don't consider myself a self-motivator, I knew I had to organize myself to keep me busy in pseudo-retirement.

Being the geek that I sometimes am, I opened a Remember The Milk account and linked it with all my Google accounts (GMail, GCal, iGoogle), and started building a to-do list combining all the tasks the Wife and I do around the house (I am taking over most tasks except Lawn Care and, for now, cooking). I hope this doesn't sound too weird. The Wife looked at me a little funny when I told her I'd been working on the to-do list for a couple weeks now. I guess I need the structure or I would just wonder around aimlessly.

I put my plan into action yesterday and, so far, everything is going geeky smooth.


  1. Two weeks? By, God, man, you need a to-do list to complete your to-do list! LOL

    Kidding aside, good geeking on your part. Welcome back to the blogosphere too. :)

  2. GH: HA! no, I'm just a little too meticulous at times.

    I was going to give myself a week break but I just couldn't do it.