Homer's Travels: Snow, Bridges, Trains, and More

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow, Bridges, Trains, and More

Yesterday the Wife looked out our bedroom window and remarked how beautiful the snow on the mountains was. The day was going to be clear and sunny so I decided to take a drive to see if I could get some pictures.

I decided to head up to Ojai where I knew of an overlook spot that should give me some good views. There were several people there when I arrived and the view was spectacular.

On the left of this panorama is Chief Peak where I hiked to last year. On the right, slightly shrouded in clouds, is Topa Topa which I hope to do later this year.

I decided that while I was on the road I might as well find some real snow so I drove to Frasier Park. On the way I enjoyed all the green that the rain brought with it. As I approached Frazier Park at the 4,000 ft level the freeway was lined in about a foot of snow. It felt like I was driving through Nebraska or Iowa except for the mountains. When I got there I realized that Saturday wasn't the best time to do this. Everyone had the same idea. As I pull off the freeway and headed into town traffic slowed to a crawl. Every available parking spot was full. People were playing in the snow, throwing snowballs, and making snowmen. I turned into old Frazier Park - I couldn't have gone straight anyway since chains were required beyond that point and the highway patrol was out enforcing the restrictions. I looked for parking in the old section but most of the parking lots had over a foot of snow and the ol' Honda would never make it. Any cleared lots were full. I looked for a restaurant to get some food and they were all packed. I took a few pictures outside the window of my car before heading back out. Not best plan I've ever had I guess.

On the way back I drove up to lake Piru since I'd never been there before. Nothing that interesting. I did get some cool bridge pictures in the town of Piru.

I left Piru and drove to Fillmore. Filmore's claim to fame is trains. The Fillmore & Western Railway Co. offer murder trains and holiday themed train rides. I've never gone as they are a little steep in the price area. I stopped at an ice cream place but they were out of Chocolate so I settled for a very good brownie instead. I walked around the train yard and bought a magnet before heading further down the road.

I stopped and took a picture of a little red school house. It was originally built in 1879 and is still an active school. It's the only active one room school house in Ventura County.

I took a short side trip to the trailhead that would take me up to Topa Topa. The road up to the parking area was all washed out. It looks like the road turns into a river when it rains. This could be an issue if I can't get to the trailhead. That would suck.

On the way home I noticed that you could see the islands despite the incoming rain. I stopped and snapped a few pictures.

So there you have it. My Saturday was a meandering drive with snow, bridges, trains, schoolhouses, and ocean. A very eclectic day indeed. Pictures that I took can be found here. I'm actually thinking about going back up to Frazier Park on Tuesday. It's supposed to be sunny and I would imagine it would be less crowded. Also, they are getting more snow tonight.


  1. Sometimes random days are just the best.

    Your mountain panorama is very pretty.

  2. JaG: Thank you.

    I agree. I like to wander aimlessly - sometimes you discover interesting stuff.

  3. Great pictures, a lot of variety in this group. Sometimes a random road trip is the best kind, particularly when the weather is good and the skies are blue...

  4. GH: Thanks. It was a weird trip. Frazier Park is two hours away and I didn't feel like it justified the trip so I kept adding little side trips. The result is a very strange mix of pictures.