Homer's Travels: Entertaining The Loon Whisperer - Day 1 - Continued

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Entertaining The Loon Whisperer - Day 1 - Continued

The ladies game back from their spa morning all relaxed and we piled into the car and headed to downtown Ventura for some food and shopping.

The food was supplied by Winchesters, a western saloon style restaurant which serves all kind of good food. They serve everything from the ordinary beef, chicken and Turkey to the slightly offbeat such as buffalo and ostrich. The Loon Whisperer (LW) had a grilled crab sandwich on sourdough which she declared to be yummy. The Wife and I had the more mundane Winchester Burger - equally yummy, I may add.

We walked off the food while shopping. Downtown Ventura has a lot of little eclectic stores. We ended up buying things at a baby clothes store, a Oaxacan store, and the Wife's favorite - B's on Main. The Ladies then went next door to a dive pool bar - not sure of the name. Not being interesting in drinking I walked down to the San Buenaventura mission store and bought a replacement for the Carmel Mission magnet I broke a week ago.

When I got back to the bar they were ready to move on so we went to Ben & Jerry's for some Ice Cream. We sat there eating our ice creams debating about going to a movie. LW, her life usually preoccupied by three little ones, doesn't often have a chance to see movies. All three of us were very indecisive but we ended up deciding to go see the Great Debaters. While I was a little tired, I enjoyed the movie. It was a good feel good movie.

The Wife and LW have gone out to Pirates Grub & Grog for some dinner and more talking and reminiscing. I, being full of ice cream and Dots, bowed out and decided to stay home and put this post together.

Tomorrow it's breakfast at Mrs. Olsens in the morning, Whale Watching in the afternoon, and the Amazing Race Finale in the evening.

... To Be Continued ...


  1. JaG; It was nice. Unfortunately I was in a gloomy mood. Not sure why. The Wife and LW had a good time though and that's all that matters.

  2. Sounds like a relaxing day; sorry it didn't lighten the mood a bit.

    I'm writing this about 5 minutes before the Amazing Race, let's hope it's a photo-finish!

  3. GH: It was a relaxing day even with me being such a wet blanket.

    The Amazing race was pretty good. I kind on miss when the finale was two hours though.