Homer's Travels: Chillin' In The New Year

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Chillin' In The New Year

We spent a quiet New Years Eve plopped in front of the boob tube watching the Wife's gay boyfriend (Anderson Cooper) and watching a couple 2007 retrospectives. At around 10:30 we'd had enough and we went to bed. I read in bed until midnight. The wife couldn't make it and had closed her book about an hour shy of the witching hour. I looked at my watch at about 11:59:45 and watched as the last seconds of 2007 ticked away into the ether. The watch changed to 12:00 1-1, I marked my page, put the book on the nightstand, turned off the light, and pulled the covers up. The Santa Anna winds were blowing outside the window but you could still hear the distant booming of illegal fireworks. Homer was unsettled by the din and jumped off the bed. He had done this before and I just let him sleep on the floor. That is, I let him sleep until I accidentally kicked him on the way to the bathroom three hours later. I apologized quietly and he jumped back on the bed. Happy New Year.

Today will continue to be quiet. New Years day always seems to be quiet in our home. A time to reflect on what's ahead I guess. A time for the Wife to watch the Rose Bowl and to root for whoever is playing USC. I usually start looking at the budget and taxes on this day - sort of a tradition - but I don't feel like it today. I think I'll do that next week. Instead I think I will curl up with my book in the big-ass chair in our den and lose myself.

I decided not
to hike last weekend and that gave me some time to catch up on some chores, some reading, and some downtime. I am planning to do the first hike of 2008 on Friday but the weather forecast is looking like rain. Of course, that's one of the reasons I asked for a new hat for Christmas. You didn't think I would get a new hat just to look geeky, did you? Negatory good buddy, I got the hat to provide extra protection from the sun and rain AND to look extra geeky while on the trail. An online friend of mine, GeekHiker, has suggested that hiking in the rain can make the hike more interesting. The hike I did up to Montecito Peak was in a thick mist which really enhanced the part of the trail that passed through the forested canyon but obliterated the view from the peak. If the weather is cooperative, I will hike Romero Canyon up in the Santa Barbara area of the Los Padres National Forest. This hike climbs the ridge behind Santa Barbara and heavy mist, drizzle, or rain would hamper the views. Plus, while rain may give you some cool photographic effects, it's not so good for your camera. I haven't decided yet.


  1. Happy New Year HD.

    I do believe a book and a cup of tea sounds like the perfect (afternoon) start to the year.

  2. JaG: Happy New Year to you as well. The book reading plan worked wonders. I do like a good book in a big-ass chair.

  3. Happy New Year, fellow hiker.

    I actually did make it out today (needed for mental purposes), and despite my rain hiking recommendation, I may stay in during the storm next weekend. But in my experience, a few raindrops won't kill your camera. Just don't drop it in a puddle. ;)

  4. GH: I'm seriously thinking about postponing the hike. The rain is being advertised as the most significant rain event since January 2005. I don't think it would be wise to hike in a downpour

    Don't drop your camera in a puddle? Why didn't I think of that :-)

  5. Well, even I'm thinking this weekend it would be best to skip the hike. Hiking in light to medium rain is fun, and this looks a bit heavier than that. I'll be staying home, reading, and getting some fish and chips at the local fish restaurant...

  6. GH: Sounds wonderful. I'm going to read a book, eat in, and do laundry. Fun Stuff!