Homer's Travels: Jell-O Experiments

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jell-O Experiments

On Saturday, with the Mother-In-Law watching and using her ingredients, I made orange Jell-O with mandarin oranges.  As you can see in this picture, unlike my other attempts, the oranges floated.

I think I've solved the riddle.  I always use sugar-free Jell-O.  The Mother-In-Law brought sugared Jell-O.  This will be confirmed when the  Mother-In-Law tries it with sugar-free Jell-O.


  1. Ah, that brings back fond memories of my Grandmother making it when I was a kid for the holidays...

  2. You have the floating mandarin power!

  3. JaG: It will be difficult, but I shall use my floating mandarin power only for good!

  4. Hip hip hooray!!! You did it Homer! I knew you could do it. Forget that sugar-free crap man. Life without sugar is life without floating oranges.

    BTW: no word in the English language rhymes with orange.

    the "j"

  5. "J": Thank you ... thank you ... and now for my next trick ...