Homer's Travels: One Last Political Pondering

Friday, November 07, 2008

One Last Political Pondering

I never intended Homer's Travels to be a political blog but, having nothing else to post and despite the fact that this post doesn't make me feel very good, I  will exit the political realm with one last thing to ponder.

Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, convicted felon, appears to be winning his close reelection bid.  If he is declared winner, it is very likely that the Senate will expel him because of his felony convictions.  In the event that a senator cannot serve out their complete term, it is up to the governor to appoint a replacement.
So, what are the odds that Govenor Sarah Palin, former republican vice-presidential candidate (and alleged geography wiz),  would appoint herself to the United States Senate?  The idea makes me shudder.


  1. Oh.my.gosh.

    That would so not be good!

  2. Not likely. Governors are generally considered by the voting public to be "better qualified" for the Presidency than senators.

    Course, she also thought Africa wasn't a continent, apparently...

  3. JaG: Scary thought, ain't it? Of course, you're Canadian and somewhat sheltered from our mess.

    GH: The replacement for Stevens is appointed by the Governor. Saddly, the voting public wouldn't have much of a say in it.