Homer's Travels: Our Tree Has Big Balls

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Tree Has Big Balls

After I built the tree on Friday, the Wife and I spent Saturday night decorating it.  I came out pretty nice.  Today, the Wife began decorating the rest of the inside of the house.  I'll probably post new Christmas pictures as the date approaches.

This is the earliest we've ever decorated.  Part of the reason is that we have guests staying after Thanksgiving.  The other part is the weather.  We need to get stuff up outside before the snow comes.  We've seen a few flurries oer the past few days.

In the past, outside decorations were limited to icicle lights and a large wreath over the garage.  For our new house we added decorations for the small oak tree in front of our house.  I bought some big decorations (Big Balls - okay, get the laughs out of your system) and we hung them in the bare tree limbs.  I think it looks like the sad Charlie Brown tree.  I had some trouble hanging the top most blue ball.  I truly expect to watch it get blown off the tree in a high wind and I'll end up running down the street chasing the bouncing ball.

Tomorrow I buy lights for the outside.  I think I'll go with the LED icicle lights.  Help the planet while we decorate.


  1. Now I don't want to poke you. I love the Charlie Brown tree, so cute. :)

    Still to early for me xmas wise though.

  2. JaG: Thanks!

    We are rarely this early. Last year the tree was up after Thanksgiving but not decorated until the week before. This year we made up for the tardiness of the past few years.

  3. GH: Thank You. It took me a whole 10 ms to think of it :-)

  4. Love the title! hehehehe

  5. MoH: Thank you. See you guys in a couple days!