Homer's Travels: Competition For The Election

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Competition For The Election

There was competition for the election Tuesday.  They harvested the cornfield behind our house that night and it was hard to decide what to watch.  We were both excited about the harvest but I think the Wife was a little more excited than me.

The election, being a little more important and a lot more historical, won out in the end.

P.S. Now that they've harvested, I saw a couple deer running across the field between tree lines.  Mom said she's seen deer and wild turkeys.  Cool


  1. I read the title and saw the pic and the two combined to make me think it was the Chicago rally. :)

  2. Yeah.... that must'a been a tough choice... ;)

  3. JaG: An understandable mistake since it is a picture of a combine ;-)

    GH: Don't knock it til you see it, City Slicker ;-)

  4. Well the image my friend sent me from the rally looked a lot like that. :P