Homer's Travels: What A Great Past Few Days

Sunday, November 30, 2008

What A Great Past Few Days

And a quiet calm settled over the Homer-Dog household.  The Thanksgiving weekend is coming to a close and the visiting family - The Best Man, Matron of Honor (MoH), Godson, Altar Boy, The Altar Boy's Wife, DA, (MoH's brother), DE (MoH's other brother) and DE's Wife - Have all hit the road.  The place is still and quiet.

The last three days have been filled with fun, family, "Frosty Balls" (spoken in a matronly British accent naturally), and a strange melodic harmony of whistling and humming coming from the back of the rented SUV (Is that the Bohemian Rhapsody ?).  We walked the pedestrian bridge and did our best to make is sway (We met an employee of the firm that built the bridge. Se was visiting the bridge for the first time).  Thanks to the drizzly wet Saturday we didn't manage to walk around the old market very much but we did have some ice cream and I think we single-handedly kept the beer and ale economies afloat (This made Mass later that evening particularly entertaining as the Wife and the MoH fought off the giggles).

At the homestead our time was spent drinking more beer, making and eating pasta and pork (lots and lots of pork products), playing scrabble (I lost - twice), and talking about stuff.  The talking seemed a little limited when compared to our past discussions.  I think it was because the election was over and was no longer a interesting topic.  Since this was a gathering of the geek side of the family (I'm included in that category), there were at least three laptops open at any one time during our down time.  I fought the urge and kept it from being four laptops. This came in handy when we had a question to answer (Q: Did Hernando DeSoto actually reach DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge? A: No).

The night was livened up a bit as the Wife insisted in having our guests open their Christmas presents.  I can't say I agreed with that since it was way to soon for presents but I was voted down and they had a good point in that the Wife and I wouldn't be able to see them open the presents if they took them home unopened.  The best presents were the three Mexican wrestling masks we gave the Altar Boy, Best Man, and GodSon.

The gathering slowly wound down and we went to bed anticipating an early morning.  Sometime overnight we had our first snow.  Homer had never seen snow before but he took it in stride and went out and did number 1, number 2, and a brief search for crabapples under the tree.  The snow was on the ground and not falling so I'm still curious how he will react to snowflakes.

As usual, this was a fun filled gathering.  Christmas will be at our house this year so we get to do it all over again in a few weeks.

P.S. After the GodSon and Altar Boy left, the Wife laid on the couch to take a well deserved nap.  She promptly jumped up and ran to get the Febreze to spritz the cushions down.  Your sphincters rock!  I am in awe ... and grateful your a$$es are back in Minnesota.


  1. Sounds like a fun-filled few days. The shot of the bridge is a great angle!

  2. Good times. Fighting of the giggles in church, Homer's first snow, and hey, don't send those stinkers to Minnesota. We've got enough of those!

  3. There I was already to leave a nice comment about the cool photo and the great masks and instead I am snortling about the Febreeze :D

  4. GH: Thanks. The bridge pic came out better than I expected.

    T_B: They came from Minnesota - We sent them back to Minnesota.

    JaG: Thanks - that's the reaction I was going for :-)