Homer's Travels: Crunch

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I went on a bike ride this morning.  The wind was a little more cooperative and, since it was a north wind, I headed north-west on the Big Papio trail.  It was nice to be on a different trail.  I usually head south on the Keystone trail because of the wind direction.  This trail, after passing through a park with soccer fields, baseball diamonds, Frisbee golf disc pole holes, and, something I haven't seen before, a soap box derby track, goes through a rather industrial area of Omaha.  I did about 10 miles and would have done more but the trail was closed where it went under 84th street due to road construction.  

One thing I passed along the way was a lot full of smashed up cars.  This one caught my eye:

So, what would it take to fold a car in half? I guess the owner of this car may have a good idea. Almost begs for a caption contest doesn't it?


  1. How the heck does one do that?!

    Word verification: stoprx. Haha!

  2. A moment of silence for the Transformer that died mid-transformation, if you please.

  3. T_B: No it doesn't. When I saw it from the bike trail, all I could think is Ouch!

    JaG: My guess is the car went airborne and landed on a concrete divider. The Wife wonders if it rolled and wrapped itself around a tree.

    LOL! Blogger Word Verification must be a comedian.

    GH: *plays taps on the bugle*

  4. "What can you make of this?"

    "I can make a brooch, I can make a pterodactyl." (Airplane)

    **yes it took me a while to find the proper spelling of that f*#$^& dinosaur!

    the "j"

  5. "J": After reading this comment, I'm wondering if you just had a safety meeting. :-)