Homer's Travels: Falls A Poppin' In Our Front Yard

Monday, November 03, 2008

Falls A Poppin' In Our Front Yard

We have a small oak tree in our front yard.  It is a nice little tree that supplies acorns to the Wife to use as awards for her class ("the Acorn award").  Sometime this weekend it went from deep green to golden without anyone noticing.  It probably happened in that extra hour we got Sunday morning.

We're planning to do some leaf peeping, hawk spotting, and goose gazing this weekend. Hopefully photos will follow.


  1. Sounds like a rough weekend planned there.

    (Much prefer this commenting system, btw. The other one is slowwwwww...)

  2. GH: Yeah, really rough. I just hope we see something. These kind of things are unpredictable.

    I sort of like the other commenting system. Oh Well, ill keep this old one until they improve the new version.

  3. JaG: Yes, I love the colors and the colours of fall too :-)