Homer's Travels: Homer And His Little Friends

Friday, November 28, 2008

Homer And His Little Friends

Just a short post as we've got guests to entertain and feed.

Thanksgiving turned out to be awesome. We had a great time. The youngins did the wii thing while the adults chatted and played games.

The food was abundant and delicious. Kudos to TE for an great spread and wonderful hospitality.

Homer greeted everyone multiple times and was joined by much bigger Sophie and the newest member of the clan, a 12 week old chocolate lab named Charlie. Homer is definitely showing his age. He couldn't quite keep up with the Young pups. Everyone was cute. Even the old Fart Homer.

Today on our schedule: Eating, Birding, Steamboat Detritus Observing, and Drinking.


  1. You gotta try and post up a picture of all the dogs! :)

  2. GH: Silly me, I didn't have my camera.