Homer's Travels: Holes In My Memory

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holes In My Memory

I've been a little forgetful today.  It started with a rather minor oversight.  I was making noodles for my attempt at lasagna tonight.  My plan was to mix all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour.  I for the whole wheat flour completely.  Not a major thing but irritating.

Next it was my afternoon bike ride.  It was a short bike ride.  Just under seven miles.  I forgot how wind can turn a bike ride into a life threatening ordeal.  Winds were around 15 mph gusting into the 20s and I cursed myself as I struggled in second gear against the chilly wind.

When I managed to get back home, I saw that I'd forgotten to close the garage door.  Fortunately everything was in it's place.

Tonight as I was sticking my lasagna in the oven,  I realized I'd forgotten the mozzarella cheese.  I managed to fix it somewhat but this was the first time I missed something from a recipe.  The lasagna turned out okay and I really shouldn't complain.  I thought it was a little bland but the Wife said it was delicious.  Next time I'll have to experiment and spice it up a little bit.

All these incidents are relatively minor and no damage was done but I always worry about forgetfulness.  Every now and then I completely blow off things.  The worse was completely forgetting that I'd gone to a James Taylor concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl.  I have ZERO recollection of that event.  Did I have a good time?  DId it suck?  I have no idea.

Makes me wonder what else I've lost.  


  1. What I really like about this post are the minor mistakes ("I for the whole wheat flour completely." "Net time I'll have to experiment...") that you use to underscore your theme. Bravo on the writing subtly!

  2. GH: I wish I were so clever. By now you should have realized that I hardly ever proofread my posts.

    Wait a minute. Are you being sarcastic? Smart Ass ;-)

  3. You forgot a concert? hahaha!

    Maybe you need one of those gaming thingys with the brain game. :D

  4. JaG: Yep, a whole concert. Not even a little flash of remembering. Spooky.

    I wonder if blogging is helping.