Homer's Travels: Our First ... Chaotic ... Showing

Monday, February 11, 2008

Our First ... Chaotic ... Showing

Last Friday I received a phone call at a quarter to three asking if they could show the house. I said "Sure. When will you be by?" Her response was "We're in the area." At this point I went into a minor panic. I asked her when she would be there again and all she would say is "We're in the area." I told her that I could be out of the house in about 30 minutes and ran around the house like a crazy man putting things away and straightening things up. I managed to have everything pretty much ready to go in 15 minutes.

I got Homer in the car - I'd already walked him so he got to go out again - and drove down to a nearby beach. We call this beach Florence Saperstein beach because one of the benches is dedicated to Florence, a teacher, and the Wife usually rests on that bench when she rides her bike to the beach. When I got there I realized I hadn't packed Homer's leash so I rummaged around in the trunk and came up with a piece of rope long enough to work. I walked Homer on the beach for 20 to 25 minutes before getting back in the car.

While I'd forgotten the leash, and water for Homer, I did have my book - priorities, priorities - and I did some reading while Homer watched people and dogs go by. He would whimper each time he saw another dog. Poor fella.

At 4:00 I figured that they should have been there and gone by now so I drove back home and slowly cased the joint looking for evidence of a realtor. I didn't see any and then the Wife came out with a confused look on her face. I explained about the realtor and we looked for evidence of her but found none. Sure enough, at 4:15 the door bell rings and it's the realtor and her client. This time the my running around was accompanied by the Wife as we leashed Homer one more time and took a long walk around the neighborhood.

I hope all our house showing don't go that way. I think next time I will leave a note with my cell number on it and ask the realtor to give me a call when they leave. I want lots of showings but man it's going to be a pain in the a$$. The only one who got something positive out of this was Homer. He's seen more new stuff and got more exercise in the last week then he usually gets in a month.


  1. It was so kind of her to be as clear as she was...

    Fun times for you. At least Homer will be happy. :)

  2. LOL - typical salesperson, in my experience: deliberately vague.

    Of course, I'm sure Homer figures that this is how life should be, after all.

  3. JaG: Yep, clear a mud. Homer will be ecstatic. Me not so much.

    GH: Homer gets all the cool stuff. I'm stuck with the running around. I will survive though - anything to sell the house.