Homer's Travels: Entertaining the MoH and BM - Day 2 and 3

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Entertaining the MoH and BM - Day 2 and 3

Day two (Saturday) was a little mixed. We received a call in the morning from the spa where the MoH and Wife were going to get their facials. One of their Facial girls had called in sick. As a result, the facials never happened. Bummer.

Instead of facials we had an early lunch of the obligatory In And Out Burgers. After a yummy lunch we made our way to downtown Ventura where voluminous shopping took place. The shopping spree ended with a stop at Ben & Jerry's for some ice cream. This kind of made up for the lack of facials. I didn't buy anything but I enjoyed some people and dog watching including this guy who had his ball and was very content on the back of a bicycle.

Once again the virus caught up with me, I ran down pretty quickly, and I was getting a little grumpy so I tried to keep my mouth shut, only being partially successful. I was glad when we decided to head home.

On the way back to the house we stopped at the Bottle Shoppe so that the MoH and BM, beer connoisseurs both, could load up on the local beer fare. Tonight the BM, MoH, and Wife are planning to drink themselves silly (actually I think they've already started). Me, being a tea-totaler, will observe from the sidelines until I'm sick of it all and go to bed early. I want to be rested up for a very busy tomorrow.

Day 3 (Sunday) we are getting up early for breakfast at Mrs. Olsen's Coffee Hut, Mass at the LA Cathedral, Lunch somewhere, and the Mythbusters show in Thousand Oaks. I can't wait. I think I'll mix up some Emergen-C to take along just in case I need some extra Umph.


  1. That's one happy dog.

    So did you manage to stay awake for Mythbusters? Did you get to ask a question? Did you all have fun?
    Did ya?
    Did ya?

  2. JaG: Check out my 02-18-08 post for all the poop on the Mythbusters show - Totally Awesome