Homer's Travels: Open House, Crowded Car, and The Oscars - What A Day

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Open House, Crowded Car, and The Oscars - What A Day

Today we had our first open house. The open house went from 1:00 to 4:00 so, at 12:30, I loaded Homer into the car and headed for the beach. The Wife wasn't with us as she is chaperoning a school retreat in Santa Barbara.

It was a little sprinkley out so I didn't get to walk Homer very much and we spent most of the four hours sitting in the car. I have got to figure something else to do with Homer. He doesn't seem very happy sitting in the backseat of the car for hours on end. I, on the other hand, have no problem killing time with my reading. This time I had a Wired magazine to keep me occupied.

Homer and I got back home and the realtor had left a note. We had four parties drop by the house. Not that impressive in my opinion. Well, four is better than nothing I guess. No offers ... yet.

Now the house feels empty. The Wife will be gone until Tuesday so it's only us guys here. I think I will blow the night and veg in front of the Oscars. To compensate for the lack of a Wife, I bought a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Not the same thing but it will have to do.


  1. Don't suffer too much with you're ice cream there, okay? ;)

  2. GH: Actually, all it did was give me heartburn - but it tasted great on the way down, I tell you what!