Homer's Travels: Facial Hair Poll - Should It Stay Or Should It Go?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Facial Hair Poll - Should It Stay Or Should It Go?

It's time to make a decision about the ol' facial hair. In the past I have been clean shaven, had a mustache, had a goatee, and, what I currently have, a full beard. Over the last 20 or so years have have periodically changed my facial hair style. It's time once again. I have decided to ask you my multitude of readers (OK, I've some minor delusions of grandeur goin' on here) to weigh in on my decision. I am temporarily adding a poll to the sidebar on the right so that you can vote. If you have suggestions for another style not listed in the poll, select other and let me know in the comments.

What should I do with my facial hair. Here are the options:
  1. Full Beard. This is what I currently have. I grew a full beard following my pseudo-retirement. The Wife, Matron Of Honor, Best Man, GeekHiker, and Just A Girl have all seen me in a full beard. I am keeping it trimmed short as it has a tendency to puff out like a Brillo pad when it grows too long. This is too bad as it prevents the use of facial hair jewelry. The Wife thinks I have a little Earnest Hemingway thing going. The one downside is there is a lot of gray in there and it makes me look like an old Earnest Hemingway.

  2. Goatee. I have warn a goatee since before we were married (Over 11 years) and this is probably what I am most comfortable with. The goatee has a lot of gray but most my darker facial hair is in the goatee area.

  3. Mustache. In the late eighties - early nineties I wore a mustache. I'm not too fond of it anymore. Makes me look like some guy stuck in the seventies. My mustache is also turning gray.

  4. Clean Shaven. I haven't been clean shaven for a long time. It would make me look a lot younger as I wouldn't be showing all the gray but it would also mean more work in the morning having to shave and all.
So, what do you people recommend? I do not guarantee that I will follow the poll results but I will consider them when I make my final decision.

The Poll ends in two weeks so get a votin'


  1. The Ernest Hemingway thing is bugging me a little. You don't need to have Old-Man-and-the-Sea-envy because you're already a great writer and trust me, there's nothing else you want to emulate of Hemingway as the rest of his story is sloppy, belligerent drunk stuff (which you despise) and it all ends with a shot gun in a field in Idaho (Hemingway's own private Idaho, evidently -- note, I want points for the random B52's reference, please), so I'm thinking a great big "NO" on the full beard thing.

    I know I'm rambling! It's what I do really well, people.

    The Wife

  2. I dunno, I think the beard looks okay, but The Wife is the ultimate arbiter, I should think. As to shaving every day, eh, it's not so bad. I just never shame while camping, since I have to go for the "Grizzly Man" look.

    The Wife had me chortling out loud on this one...

  3. To all, The Wife is a Loon!

    GH: Actually, she let's me believe that I'm the ultimate arbiter.

  4. Best Man: I would but then I would have to mail bombs to people and I'd probably end up in Guantanamo.