Homer's Travels: The Wife ... Astronomer

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Wife ... Astronomer

The Wife went outside tonight to see the Lunar Eclipse and she went out at the exact right time. We watched the shadow blank out the moon until is was totally gone - totally cool! I took some pictures but, without a tripod, only one came out half way decent.


  1. Well done to the Wife.

    I got to see the eclipse but was cameraless due to being on a run.

  2. JaG: It was pretty cool but I kept moving my hand when I took the pictures. Most of them came out looking like double exposures.

  3. Excellent timing.

    Luckily, the clouds left just in time here in LA. I took a few pictures from the tripod, but haven't looked at them yet... too busy writing tonight!

  4. GH: Your picture was better than mine. I need to invest in a ood tripod.