Homer's Travels: The Beach, The Ducks, and The Caravan Of Realtors

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Beach, The Ducks, and The Caravan Of Realtors

Today we took one more step towards the big move. Our realtor organized a "Caravan of Realtors" to show off the house. Since most realtors don't want to meet the actual people who live in the house, Homer and I got in the car and we drove down to nearby Hueneme Beach to kill a few hours - four hours to be exact.

This was the first time of hopefully many that I will have to evacuate the house to allow it to be shown. I wasn't sure what to do because having a dog in your car is a little limiting. I'm not one of those people who leaves their dogs in the car unattended. It doesn't seem fair to the dog. But then, I've never been in the situation where Homer was with me and I couldn't just go home. I decided that Hueneme Beach was a good choice as it was close by and there are lots of places to walk along the beach. I had my camera with me and I was going to see if I could get some pictures while I was out. You can find the pictures here along with other pictures I have taken at Hueneme Beach.

I decided to start by tiring Homer out and we headed out on a walk. Dogs aren't allowed on the beach and, even though most people ignore that rule, I kept to the sidewalks. The sidewalk follows the beach and a channel that winds through some apartment/condo complexes. The channel was full of ducks and even a few geese (At least I think that's what they were). A mother with a stroller was feeding the ducks and she attracted quite a crowd. I was surprised that Homer was pretty good around the ducks and he even stood still so I could take pictures - he usually at the end of his leash pulling me along.

We had a good walk and got back to the car after about an hour. Great, just three more hours to kill. I got in the car with Homer, opened the windows to let the cool sea breeze in and read for another two and a half hours. Homer sat in the back seat watching all the people walking along the beach. Every now and then he would growl at a passing dog. He eventually got bored and laid down. So did I - I rested my eyes a little bit before we headed back home.

While this was delightful, I'll have to come up with an alternative plan. I think Homer was a little bored. I may have to investigate dog parks in the area so he can run around a bit.

When we got back I found out between nine and a dozen realtors had come by. The note our realtor left sounded a little disappointed in my opinion. Oh well, it's a start. Now we sit back a wait for the offers to roll in.


  1. Hmmmm. An hour walk, two and a half hours of reading, and a nap. Yeahhhhh, this whole not-working thing must just be killin ya... ;)

  2. GH: I think whats bothering me is having to have Homer with me. He limits what I can do. I may just have to leave him in the backyard and let the realtors deal with his happy self.

    I was going to give you this spiel about how much work it is keeping the house clean and all but that just sounded so lame. Yeah, it's killing me :-)