Homer's Travels: Entertaining The MoH And BM - Day 4 And Epilogue

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Entertaining The MoH And BM - Day 4 And Epilogue

The last day of MoH and BM's visit, Monday, was enlightening to me and a little sad having to see them go.

We started with a lazy morning. Mid-morning we went to Denny's for brunch before heading to Pasadena to visit the Norton Simon Museum at the Best Man's suggestion. The museum showcases some classic art, some that I actually recognized. I have gone to a few art museums in the past and they have all made me feel the same - blank. As I walked through the exhibits and looked at the artworks I had a mini-revelation. While I recognize the significance, the beauty, and the skill imbued in each work, I really didn't care. This really bothered me. Rationally I knew that I should have some interest in the art and I was disappointed in myself that emotionally it just wasn't there. I discussed this with the MoH, BM, and the Wife and they suggested that maybe a class in art appreciation would be useful. I'm not sure but after we move I will be looking into it.

Another mini-revelation took place when we left the building and walked through the sculpture garden. As the MoH, BM, and the Wife looked at the sculptures, I was reading the little labels at the base of the trees that listed their type. I walked through the garden admiring some of the more unique arrangement of limb and leaf, totally blowing off the man-made sculptures. I wonder if that's my hang-up - I admire the natural and discount the artificial. As I had walked through the gallery I had thought that it would have been more interesting if they were photographs. Maybe to me a photograph is a representative of natural reality while painting and sculpture represent an artificial reality. Something to ponder (Obligatory obscure cartoon reference: Are you pondering what I'm ponder? ... I think so Brain but but if we get Sam Spade, we'll never have any puppies).

After the museum we dropped the MoH and BM off at the airport and the Wife and I headed home for a quiet evening in an empty house.

I had a great time with the MoH and BM. The Wife and I both agree that we want to be just like them when we grow up. They're totally awesome. The conversations we had over the last four days have got me thinking. Once I figure out what I'm thinking about, I will post about it. I'm looking forward to being able to visit with them more often once me move back.


  1. "...when we grow up"? Where's the fun in that? ;)

  2. GH: Yeah, unfortunately we all have to do it and If I can choose some one to be, the Moh and BM are what I want to be - they are good people.

  3. While I recognize the significance, the beauty, and the skill imbued in each work...

    That's the most important part; that you can recognize that stuff. We all have different interests and that's what makes the world interesting.

    Some people find nature makes them blank. For others it's reading a book. For me? country music. It's just all sorts of wrong. ;)

    I wonder if I'll ever grow up...

  4. JaG: That's true but I want to be a well rounded person and every once in a while I discover a hole in my knowledge and I feel like I should do something about it.

    I too don't gravitate towards country music but I do listen to some every now and then. My parents used to listen to country and I listen more out of nostalgia.

    As for growing up, it means different things to different people. To me growing up is striving to reach a goal. I think I want to improve myself - that is my new goal. You will grow up once you become, or recognize that you are, the person you want to be.