Homer's Travels: The Wife And The Coach

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Wife And The Coach

The wife had a great day Monday. Charlie Weis, coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, stopped by her school. He was down from Stanford, where they won their last game of the season, paying a courtesy visit. There is a football player at her school, a junior, that Notre Dame is interested in. NCAA rules prohibited Coach Weis from talking to him until he is a senior but it didn't stop the Wife from talking to him and getting her picture taken with him. Her friends at school were so nice to her, arranging a sub when he arrived. They even had secret call signs . She received calls: " The Shamrock arrives in 30 minutes". Heh. He got his picture taken with several teachers and coaches. He also sat down with another junior who wasn't sure how to proceed with his sports career (Coach Weis was not recruiting him) to give him some advice. The Wife thought he was a really nice guy. She passed him a thank you card with her business card in it - networking at its finest! (She is so much better at that than me - I suck) Who knows, maybe we'll get free tickets ...

She was kind of glowing when she got home. Nice to see after the misery of the cold she's been fighting.

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  1. We don't want free tickets! We want a winning season next year. We want to beat USC. We want to beat UCLA ... again! We want a national championship! Ok, free tickets would be fun, but it isn't going to happen. We have a better chance at winning a title than getting free tickets.

    The Wife