Homer's Travels: A Halloween Confession

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Halloween Confession

I have a confession to make. it was my fault. Before we got married, Halloween was a an evening of turning out all the lights and ignoring the doorbell. When I got married, the wife reintroduced the custom of giving candy to masked kiddies. I wasn't hot for the idea but she did most of the work and I went along with it.

Yesterday we both came home from work tired. We went to Pirates Grub n Grog for dinner and, as we waited for our food (Nachos for her, Tri-Tip Sandwich for me), I asked, "Why don't we just close the blinds, turn off the lights, and ignore the door? I'll take the candy to work to get it out of the house." (I wonder when I became such a crotchety old man?) I expected her answer to be no but to my surprise she said yes. She was tired and had school work to do, and to top it off, our neighbors, who has a cute little boy, moved out of state recently and we no longer could give him candy.

After dinner we got home, turned off the front door light, closed the blinds, and ignored the doorbell. The bell rang about five times that night. That was actually more than the three times it rang last year. I did feel a twinge of guilt but then, it was my suggestion. I think I'm more guilty of corrupting the wife and bringing her over to the darkside with me.


  1. After living in an apartment complex for years in which kids never stopped by, handing out candy has been kinda fun here in my current home. This year I only got about 30 kids; most years I get around 50, but the best part is that they're all kids (no teenagers scoping for candy).

    Still, I understand taking a year off. But next year Halloween will be on a Friday, so you have all the more reason to hand out candy since you can stay up late the next day. :)

  2. After reading my post, the wife claimed that I hadn't corrupted her and that she really didn't feel like handing out candy. By not doing it, it guaranteed that the next two days at work would not be too hectic (She did work on Halloween that allowed her to get a lot things finished ahead). I still feel a little selfish though - there was nothing stopping me from handing out the goods except my laziness.

    One year we had a teenager - 16 to 17 - trick or treat without a costume. I almost didn't give her any loot but I was afraid she was old enough to do some damage to the ol' house (TP, Eggs, or worse).

    Next year I promise to hand out candy to the good little goblins.