Homer's Travels: Darkened By A Drunk

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Darkened By A Drunk

I woke up early this morning and turned to the night stand to see what time it was. The clock was gone. I sat in bed until I realized the absurdity of that thought. Rational thought slowly bubbled up to the surface and I realized that the power was out. I got out of bed at 6:00 am to feed Homer and to let him do his morning ... you know ... duty. It's amazing how dark the house was. I am so used to the little LEDs that shine, blink, and tell us how early it really is. Not today. The only lights that were on were the LEDs on my network gadgets that are connected to an UPS. I went into the den and turned off the NAS and went back to bed.

We got up at 9:00 am. My leg was hurting like heck. I think it may be getting worse as the Ibuprofen isn't doing much. I know I should have taken the Vicodin prescription the doctor offered me. But NOOOO. I'm a manly man. A manly man in PAIN! That's what I am.

I plopped myself down in the den and decided to read. It's amazing what you can't do without electricity. No computer. No TV. No heating pad for the damn leg. I ruled out putting up the Christmas lights since I would want to test them before I got on the roof. The leg would also get in the way. I had a stack of magazines that I wanted to catch up on so I dug into the pile.

The wife was getting a little pissed. She was going to miss the last Notre Dame football game of the season. I dug out an old radio and she found a station that was carrying the game. He was happy but still pissed.

I got up and ate a light lunch and decided to assemble our fake tree. It took me three hours. It usually takes me only one. I was so tired, my leg was killing me, and I was moaning, groaning, and whining way more then usual. I had to rest several times. Even a piece of Angel Food cake didn't help!
The wife went outside to talk to the neighbors. Turns out some drunk A$$hole decided to use the sidewalk as a road at 5:00 am in the morning and took out trees and electric poles before ditching his car and leaving the scene. Because of that doofus, I actually had to look at my watch to tell time! HUH! Then again, no one was hurt by this idiot which is something to be grateful for.
When I attached the last limb to the Christmas tree, the wife gave out a whoop - "Electricity is back!" After setting clocks and TV speakers, I, of course, went up to the den and turned on the computer. I had to get my internet addiction fix, you know.

I felt a little weird so I took my temperature - 101.7°F. Well, isn't that special. That explains why my hair hurts. I think another visit to the doctor on Monday is a given.

P.S. One more whine. I had written this post and was almost done when Blogger wouldn't let me save it. I lost everything. D'OH! Believe me, the first draft was much better than this one. Unfortunately you all will never know.


  1. Are you sure you should wait til Monday?

    I hate when Blogger does that. Sometimes when I have the sense that it's fussy I copy before I publish. Just.in.case.

  2. JaG, Thank you for your concern. I guess you should have been a doctor. I'm feeling better this morning. I switched to acetaminophen which seems to be working better on the pain and my temp is back to normal. Plus, I'd rather take a day off work then to waste a Sunday.

    You know, sometimes I'm smart too but yesterday I wasn't and I failed to copy. I thought of it after I lost everything. sigh.

  3. Heh, forget manly, take the vicodin, it's fun stuff!

    Weird as this may sound, I kinda like when the power goes out, simply because it forces me to do things like reading. Of course, last time it forced me to take a day off work since I couldn't get the garage door open, so there you go.

    Glad your temp is back to normal. Maybe next weekend you'll be back out on the trail.

  4. GH, I hope to be on the trail next weekend but I have my doubts. The antibiotics are not shrinking this thing on my leg like I thought it would. They may have to change meds.

    I've been on Vicodin before. Works pretty good but I always have one night of hallucinations when I get off it. Not a nice feeling seeing the bedroom spin out of control when you're trying to sleep.

  5. If you closed your eyes when sleeping you don't see the room spin...

    Just sayin'. ;)

  6. JaG, But then I wouldn't see all the pretty colors.

  7. Hope your leg gets better soon. This is from the spider bite right? What no pictures? Take care of yourself.

  8. Anonymous,I think it's a spider bite. Could be something else. As for the pictures, I think the Wife would smack me if I posted a picture. It is pretty gross. Looks kind of like a model of Mt. Fuji. Heh.

  9. Sorry that anonymous was me, the Matron of Honor. I want to see pics.

  10. Sounds disgusting.

    You should so post a photo.

  11. No!No! No! No pictures!

    The Wife

  12. JaG, Sorry. Too late. It's all bandaged up. You know, this is so unlike me as I usually take pictures of gross bodily wounds.