Homer's Travels: Update: The Big Bump

Monday, November 26, 2007

Update: The Big Bump

Here's an update about my leg. I went back to the doctor's office today. This time I met with a Nurse Practitioner who, frankly, knew more about what was going on then the doctors did. She took one look at it and said that it had to be cut. I could not agree with her more. I'd been poking at the thing for a few days and it was obvious to me that there was something in there just waiting to get out. So after some very ineffective numbing, she got to work and ... well I'll spare you the gory details. Suffice it to say it was one of the most painful things I have felt in a long time.

The Nurse Practitioner suspects that it is a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). This is one of those drug resistant forms of Staph that the media refers to as a superbug. While it is resistant to many antibiotics, there are at least three, including the one I'm already on, that have been effective for treating the infection. She took a sample of the fluid to be tested.

The Matron of Honor asked about photographs. Well, I'm afraid it's too late. I didn't take any before the visit to the doctor and now it's all bandaged up. I'm sorry to disappoint. It sort of looks like Mount Fuji. Instead of white snow, think red. Then again, it's a little too rounded on the top to be Mount Fuji. Maybe a cinnamon covered Native-American burial mound? I don't know.

I'll be going back on Wednesday to see how it's doing. I suspect that hiking is out for this weekend. Bummer.


  1. Drat. No pic.

    A friend of mine had MRSA while in the hospital. We all had to scrub up before and after visiting.

  2. OHHHHH, it sounds like you had a bad afternoon. I'm thinking chocolate, sugary stuff might help. Get better soon!!!

  3. How twisted is it that we're all disappointed that there is no pic? LOL

    Bummer about the lack of hiking in the near future. Hopefully a bit 'o rest will have you back on the trail in no time.

  4. JaG, I'm surprised that neither the doctor or the Nurse told me I should wash my hands. I try to keep things clean anyway. The last thing I want to do is give it to the Wife.

    MoH, Actually the afternoon was pretty good. Once the pressure was relieved the pain level went down quite a bit.

    On Saturday the Wife bought me a McFlurry which cured my fever. Today I indulged in some Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate. Yum!

  5. GH, LOL so true. A bunch of morbid loons, that's what we are. The wife says to be careful what you ask for or she'll post pictures of her ovaries - long story.