Homer's Travels: Update 2: The Big Bump

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Update 2: The Big Bump

I went back to the doctor's office today to have my bump inspected. She is not happy with the progress so far. Leave it to me to get a drug-resistant, drug-resistant Staph infection. She has now got me on another antibiotic that is supposed to be 85% - 95% effective in killing this bug. Not sure why she didn't use it first. She said it was more expensive but it cost me the same - I guess my insurance is absorbing the cost. I hope it works since the next antibiotic is an IV drip.

During the changing of the packing, I experience probably some of the worst pain ever. It was a sharp pain and is soon calmed down to a moderate pain. Thinking it wasn't so bad I opened my eyes to see that she had stopped doing anything to the bump and was waiting for me to calm down. I could have swore she was still probing around. Not encouraging. Next time we numb that sucker.

I go back on Friday and we may have the lab results by then so we can be sure what I got myself into.


  1. Sounds disgusting.

    Does it make you walk like a cowboy?

  2. Oh, man, that bites. Will be crossing my fingers that this second antibiotic works much better than the first. And boo on them for using the cheaper, less effective antibiotics first. (This could lead to a long rant about U.S. health care, but I'll spare 'ya.)

  3. JaG, LOL!!!!! Unfortunately I think my walk is more like the mummy.

    GH, Yeah, it pretty much sucks. You don't have to rant about health care - I've memorized my own health care rant already.

    Thanks for the crossed fingers. I'm crossing just about any appendage I can cross. I don't want the IV stuff if I don't have to.