Homer's Travels: Update 3: The Big Bump

Friday, November 30, 2007

Update 3: The Big Bump

I'm happy to say that the bump on my leg is much better today. I visited with the doctor today to have my packing changed. The test results had come in. It is a Staph infection. The one strange thing is that it was not resistant to the first antibiotic and is resistant to the second, usually more effective, antibiotic. This seems strange since I didn't see any improvement until I started the second antibiotic. I guess it just took some time for the first antibiotic to kick in. I've been prescribed more of the first antibiotic and I will be going back on Monday.

The improvement over the last two days is encouraging and I am hopeful that I will be hiking by next weekend.


  1. Oh good! You get to keep your leg. :)

  2. JaG, Yep, no one can call me Gimpy now. They can call me a lot of things but Gimpy is definitely not one of them.

  3. Yeah, but then you could'a changed your name to "Homer the One-Legged Hiker", which would'a been kinda cool and unique...