Homer's Travels: Wallow Or Read, That Is The Question

Friday, November 23, 2007

Wallow Or Read, That Is The Question

Thanksgiving is over. I think I'm still digesting all the yummy stuff I ate.

I was going to hike Sulphur Mountain Road today but something came up. Specifically, I received some sort of bug or spider bite on my thigh that has become infected. It got progressively worse on Monday and Tuesday. At times it feels like someone was jabbing my thigh with a knife. I saw a doctor on Wednesday and she prescribed antibiotics, told me to apply wet heat, and to stay off it. So I'm staying off it which means no hiking this week. I must admit that I wasn't looking forward to hiking this week. The Jalama Beach blisters haven't quite healed yet and I think I just need some time off.

This four day holiday has been very weird so far. The Wife has a cold. She's had it since Sunday and she's been blowing her nose and coughing all day and night. She seems to be getting better. This thing on my thigh has me immobilized. It wakes me up when I role over in bed. I woke up this morning aching all over - I think I didn't move at all while I slept and I'm just stiff. I've been downing the ibuprofen like candy. I just really feel out of sorts. Discombobulated. Askew. Down in the dumps. BLAH.

Of course, now that I have time I don't know what to do with it. I'm considering sitting around wallowing in self-pity or maybe catching up on some reading and doing a few seasonal chores. Seasonal chores would be putting up the Christmas Lights and assembling the Christmas Tree.

It will all get better.


  1. The lights and tree require the leg so reading it is.

    Or find a sunny and warm corner to cat nap in.

    Hope it gets better soon.
    And people wonder why I don't like spiders...

  2. JaG,

    I took you advice and read most of the day. It was good advice. Unfortunately I think I am getting sicker.

    I never saw the spider. If I had he would be feeling worse than me right now.

  3. JaG always gives the best advice, doesn't she?

    Rest up. The trails will be waiting.

  4. GH, Yes, I'm becoming a JaG fan.

    I'm resting. I'm waiting. I'm ready to hike when I heal up. I'm just impatient.