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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Feeding The World One Word At A Time

I'm an engineer. I'm supposed to be good at math and bad with the English language. Well, the son of a friend of the wife's sent an interesting English language related site that lets you test your vocabulary prowess, learn new and interesting words, and most importantly, help feed the needy. The site, FreeRice, donates rice to the United Nations World Food Program - 10 grains for each word you correctly identify. A warning, like most computer games, it can be addictive. During my first session, first of many I assume, I earned 1000 grains of rice and my vocab level was 43. Not bad for a lowly Engineer. On the math level, when we go out to eat, the wife has to calculate the tip - go figure.


  1. This is cool! Might just have to steal this one and do a post on my site, spread the word (so to speak).

  2. Go for it. Pass the word. It's for a good cause. The wife gave the URL to her students who just rolled their eyes - "You think taking a vocab quiz is fun?!?" I'm sure they're all playing anyway.

  3. Actually, today, once they played a bit at home, my students gave this site a huge thumbs up. They just needed the testimony of classmates. I guess my reputation is that of an old dolt and while I am only five years from the Denny's breakfast discount, I think I'm pretty hip!

    The Wife

  4. Five years? That means I'm only 6 years away! Krimeny!