Homer's Travels: Music: The B-52's At The Chumash Casino

Friday, November 16, 2007

Music: The B-52's At The Chumash Casino

Roam if you want to When the wife suggested we go to see The B-52's at the Chumash Casino, I had some misgivings. While I liked some of their stuff I just wasn't a big fan. I decided to say "Yeah sure" and figured that I would have an OK but bored evening at a concert that I only half-heartedly was interested in.

Roam around the world We invited our good friend the "J" to come along with us. We always seem to have a good time with her around. The wife and I stopped by and picked up the "J" and made the hour or so drive up to the casino.

Roam if you want to We arrived starving. Not sure why but all of us were hungry. We headed to the Chumash Café to peruse the gastronomic delights. The wife and the "J" had the open faced turkey sandwich and I had a yummy grilled chicken sandwich.

Without wings, Without wheels Since we were out on the town, as it were, we did something we usually don't do after a large meal - we ordered dessert. Unbeknownst to us the Chumash Café is famous for it's large desserts. I had the five layered Chocolate cake with a dollop of chocolate ice cream, the wife had a jumbo caramel ice cream sundae, and the "J" had something that escapes me but a large amount of ice cream was involved. Yaozaa - it was all yummy a lot and totally deadly.

Roam if you want to We waddled out of the café and headed for the penny slots. We had about an hour to kill before they opened the doors so we plopped out engorged carcasses in front of some slots and gambled away. It was hilarious watching the wife clap every time she won 10¢. In the end, the wife won three bucks and change, the "J" came up short, and I broke even.

Roam around the world They opened the doors at 7:30 pm and we went in. We headed over to the t-shirt booth and took a gander at the wears [heh]. The wife purchased a cool rock lobster t-shirt but she had difficulty with the money. She insisted that $20 plus $5 equaled $30. I helped her out and we all chuckled about this evenings math deficit.

Roam if you want to The bingo hall filled up - they used this room for bingo when they're not having a special event like a concert or a boxing match. The crowd was a little smaller than the Go-Go's concert we went to a month ago but roughly the same age. We were seated in the back of the room one step up from the bottom row of the bleachers. This wasn't too bad since this was a small venue and there really wasn't a bad seat in the house.

Without anything but the love we feel The lights dimmed, the crowd cheered, the B-52's took the stage, and just blew me away. I was surprised just how many songs I knew - Private Idaho, Roam, Love Shack, Channel Z, and, of course, Rock Lobster. Mixed in amongst their classics were songs from their new album coming out next February. The new songs had that classic B-52's sound and peaked my interest in their new album, as intended. I really enjoyed their stuff. You can't complain about songs with such weird lyrics. I was very surprised, pleasantly so.

Take it hip to hip The wife and the "J" were laughing throughout the concert as they watched this guy dance to the music. Definitely not ready for "Dancing With The Stars". The wife was imitating his wicked moves which would set off the "J" and I. By the end we were all imitating him.

Rocket through the wilderness After an hour and a half the concert was over and we headed for the car. The "J" started making the animal sounds from Rock Lobster and other people in the parking garage joined in - too funny. I drove us home with the B-52's running through my head (and they're still there as I draft this post).

A great time - simply a great time.

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