Homer's Travels: Nebraska Earthquake Or Loose Nuke?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Nebraska Earthquake Or Loose Nuke?

A 3.5 magnitude earthquake is not an uncommon occurrence if you live in California. A 3.5 wouldn't even generate much news and speculation really. But when a 3.5 quake hits southeast Nebraska. Well. Let the conspiracies fly.

Apparently early Thursday Morning at almost the same time as the earthquake, a
Nebraska State Patrol trooper, who is also an amateur astronomer no less, saw a light in the sky. So, if you were going to explain this phenomena, what would you guess? A meteor? Lightning? Coincidence? Nuclear attack from Russia? What, you ask. A nuclear attack? Well some people are saying that the the flash of light was a particle beam weapon shooting down a Russian cruise missile headed for Offutt Air Force base (home of the Strategic Air Command). The explosion that resulted caused the earthquake.

All I have to say about this is there are a lot of crazy, ignorant, irrational, paranoid, conspiratorial, uneducated, simple minded, extremist, weird people in this world.


  1. What do *you* think it was?

    BTW, the captcha on this post was "fierypea". Ouch!

  2. Aliens! Aliens! Aliens!

    My captia was "biler" ... sorta goes with "fierypea". Super ouch with bile!

  3. Alien invasion. The retrothrusters on those flying saucers can really shake things up, ya know...

  4. MH: OW - Fiery Pea would not be nice superpower.

    I think it was natural earthquake and earthquake induced lightning.

    Wife and GH: Sounds more likely than a Russian Cruise Missile.

  5. Well, duh ... Santa had to make an emergency landing!

  6. Dobegil: I hadn't thought of that - good answer.