Homer's Travels: One Lift-Twist Is All It Took

Saturday, December 26, 2009

One Lift-Twist Is All It Took

While shoveling and snow blowing this morning, my back finally caught up with me. Years ago, back in college, I hurt my lower back. Once you hurt your back, it is never the same again. Every few years I would do something, often something stupid, and re-injure it. This morning I felt fine but, after my first lift-twist with a shovel full of snow, I'm now walking around like an old man.

I was and still am planning to snowshoe later this week but my lower back will probably have the final say.

Now, excuse me, but I need to go back to my Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and heating pad.


  1. Wait, what happened to using the neighbor's snow-blower?

  2. GH: Snow blowers only work when the snow is less than the snow blower intake. Any snow more than about 12" has to be moved by shovel. Once you've shaved it down, the snow blower can be used.

  3. auger .. you need an auger! When we lived at Lake Tahoe, the landlord kept one at the house ... it worked so good!

  4. Dobegil: Auger? I've never heard of that for snow.