Homer's Travels: Christmas Time Is Here

Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Time Is Here

On Monday I put up the Christmas tree. This was a little backwards this year as the outside lights are usually the first thing to go up but our family outing to the in-laws shifted stuff around. During Christmases past, putting the lights on the tree has always resulted in a minor argument between the Wife and I as we struggled to get them on straight and evenly spaced (Last year may have been the exception to this as I don't remember arguing). This year I decided to ensure some Christmas peace in our household and put the lights on the tree by myself before the Wife got home from work. I managed to do a pretty good job. The only issue I had were lights who stubbornly refused to light but, after a half hour of fiddling, participated.

The Wife spent a lot of time this week putting up all the other indoor decorations.

Today I finished it all off by decorating the outside - hanging the LED lights along the roof line, hanging the large wreath, and hanging the big balls from our oak tree. Unfortunately we don't have enough big balls. I think our oak tree has grown bigger. This means off to the store this weekend for Christmas decoration shopping.


  1. I really think "We don't have enough big balls" should have been the title of this post. Yeah, I know, I'm juvenile that way. ;)

    Can we expect pictures?

  2. Lol, you cheated your way out of the "annual" Christmas ball argument? :)

  3. MH: What are you saying? That I don't have balls?

    GH: We'll see with the pictures. I wish I'd thought about the title.

    Godefroy: I preemptively struck against the argument. I wouldn't call it cheating I would call it self preservation.