Homer's Travels: Balls Out Snow Shoveling

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Balls Out Snow Shoveling

Well, the blizzard blew through last night. Our weather station peaked at 20 MPH but I suspect the neighbor's house blocked most of the wind coming from the north-west. We probably had some 12 inches total snow fall but the snow drift in our driveway was three to four feet. It took the wife and I about an hour, with the help of the neighbor's snow blower, grandson, add grandson's friend, to clear all the snow out of both our driveways. The wind was still blowing but at a more manageable 5 MPH. You had to be careful where you threw the snow to prevent it coming back in your face.

The biggest casualty of the blizzard, besides my aching back, were the balls in our oak tree. We started with twelve big balls and now we only have eight. Who knows where they are. They could be down the street, under a couple feet of snow, or both. Hopefully we'll find them once the snow starts to melt.


  1. So many potential titles. "Code Blue! Balls Down, Balls Down!" comes to mind...

    Snow: pretty, but Californians always forget about the effort that goes into shoveling it...

  2. GH: With outr a doubt it is a lot of exercise.

  3. So many "ball" comments are coming to mind ... I won't go there .

    We lived in an apartment our last year in Lincoln. We had to walk the dog every night .. I looked like the younger brother on A Christmas Story walking down A street.

  4. You'll love my latest post if you like the "balls" comments.